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Services and Fees

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Services and Fees

At Waramanga Medical Centre, we know that time is of the essence in a lot of cases, so we have provided a guide to what our most common services are below so you can have an idea as to what you may require

Item Number Description Cost Rebate
3, Level A Short consult for brief, well known and previously documented medical issues such as prescription renewals and referrals. $52.00 $18.85
23, Level B Standard consult, and the most common consult. For one issue to be discussed in moderate detail. Short history recorded as well as common measurements $93.00 $41.20
36 combo, Short Level C Mid range appointment, two brief issues or one issue discussed in an extended time frame. A history is recorded as well as common measurements. $135.00 $79.70
36 Level C Long consultation for complex medical issues to be discussed with a general medical history recorded. $161.00 $79.70
44, Level D This consult is for extensive, complicated medical issues lasting for 40 minutes or longer with an extensive history recorded. $212.00 $117.40
Surgery All minor skin surgery performed attracts a differing item number, and accordingly a differing rebate through Medicare. Please ask your doctor PRIOR to any surgery to discuss approximate costs involved with this service. Please note that it is only an estimate, as we rely on the results of the histopathology, that is, the testing of the skin, to determine what item number is to be charged. Non skin surgery, such as implanon insertion, also attract differing item numbers. Again, please discuss with your doctor PRIOR to surgery about approximate costs.

Please bear in mind that these item numbers are only a guide as they are our most frequently used consult items. Differing item numbers may be charged according to what is required. The item number charged not only represents the time involved with a patient, but also the complexity of the issue. If you are unsure as to what type of appointment you require, please enquire with the reception staff. These item numbers and their prices can be discussed with your doctor or with reception staff.

After hours fees and charges apply to appointments made after 8pm Monday to Friday and for appointments on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact reception for details.

If you wish to discuss the billings further, please write to Dr Muhammad Faraz , the Practice Principal

Please note that all fees must be paid in full on the day. We do NOT provide accounts.

We also have the Medicare system, EasyClaim, which allows us to electronically process your Medicare rebate into your bank account, which saves you a visit to Medicare. Please ask reception staff for further information. If you have provided Medicare with the appropriate information, please let staff know prior to billing so we can arrange your rebate.

Please see the below Medicare website for more information:

In addition to standard General Practice consultations, the following services are available at Waramanga Medical Centre:


  • Home visits, only to the patients of the practice and on doctor’s discretion

  • Nursing Home visits for regular patients of the Medical Centre

  • Family Planning

  • Extended Primary Care consultations such as GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements

  • Home Medication Reviews

  • Mental Health Care Plan

  • Healthy Baby checks

  • 4 year-old health checks

  • 45 year-old health check

  • 75 year-old health checks

  • Annual Health Assessments (for patients aged 75 years +)

  • Asthma Reviews

  • Diabetic Reviews

  • Antenatal Shared Care

  • Pap Smears

  • Sexual Health

  • Pregnancy tests

  • Travel vaccination advice

  • Minor surgical procedures

  • Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) for skin lesions

  • Plastering

  • Comcare/Workcover cases

  • Insurance Medical appointments

  • Please ask for specific doctors

  • Nurses

  • Practice Nurse Consultation

  • Ear syringing

  • ECG

  • Vaccinations/immunisations

  • INR measurement

  • Spirometry

  • Wound Care

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